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The Photographer

Joe   Seventeen years of living in Colorado produced a love of nature and the outdoors. My passion for fly fishing allowed me to get deep into the back country and on many mountain trout streams. When I returned to my home state of Michigan in 1989, I bought a camera to document my fly fishing adventures. When learning to use my camera, I was inspired by a slide show by a local nature photographer, John Mielcarek. It was the first time I realized that the camera could capture the vast variety and creative beauty of nature. So I began my quest to capture the awesomeness of nature on film, alas never returning to a trout stream.

   For the past 15 years I have been developing my knowledge of natural history and techniques of photography in order to produce the images that best reflect the inherent beauty of nature. I have photographed a variety of subject matter but birds and close up work are my favorites. My images are meticulously composed by patiently waiting for the most revealing direction of light while seeking to capture the most vivid color.

   I have photographed throughout much of North America. One of my favorite places to photograph is Northern Michigan. For seven years I have studied and photographed the lives of loons as they raise their young. I have shared this knowledge by leading photographic workshops of loons. My images have been published in Audubon’s "Bird, Butterfly, and Wildflowers" calendars, Michigan Natural Resources and Midwest magazines. I have donated my work to fund raisers for charitable organizations in the metro Detroit area. My work has been on display at local Metro Park nature centers.

   My hope is that people will begin to see the beauty that is around them and develop the respect and desire to protect the delicate balance of nature. Being surrounded by the beauty of nature gives me a peaceful, spiritual renewal that I desire to reflect in my images. At times I get lost in my subjects while connecting with God’s creation. I long for others to see the Creator behind the beauty of His handiwork. "My hope is that these images will inspire awe and wonder and all will discover God’s comfort and blessings."